Feeling Not at All to Somewhat Digital

If You’re Feeling Digital, a blog entry referencing Belle and Sebastian that I posted two weeks ago, called for responses to a Google form asking questions about your work and your engagement with digital media, as well as requesting details about ideas, innovations and aspirations for your digital creative work. (This was based on one of my outlined activities with intended outcomes on my DWIR application form, so I couldn’t not do it, you know?)

Well, after this optimistic call for interaction, I was brought back down to tangible earth when no-one in the digital universe filled in the form. Not a one. Not even part-way through. That’s all good, since I’ve got something similar, personal and infinitely more successful planned for my swansong post, but it did mean that I had to do some deep thinking around this follow-up. Do I tell my legions of loyal readers (!) the truth? Or do I just ignore the earlier blog post and its call for interaction? Or do I hold off on the follow-up for another week and harangue some friends into filling in the form so I have something to report? Or do I build on the original idea of a cento manifesto on digital writing in a different way–do I just make something up as a creative response to the dilemma?

I decided to make something up. Here goes my cento manifesto comprised of content gleaned from the world’s go-to internet search engine and everybody’s friend:

Feeling Not at All to Somewhat Digital

For Sarat

Write to between ‘digital writing’
to be
to understand
the rhetorical situation of a text
ask yourself questions: look up references

A digitally literate person will possess a range of
knowledge of
an understanding of
societal issues raised by digital technologies

you have to understand the rules to break them

you will understand how
after studying this chapter.

It’s important to think upfront
form expectations about, for example, what will happen next

(you can!)

Engage with digital writing
always/hourly/daily/weekly/every so often
Nothing in between.
What’s with all these binaries?

You can reach
much wider audiences
than a physical event would allow
often you can find content before Google
is able to even index it.

How often do you shrug your shoulders and press delete after reading a marketing email?
Good point.

People accept digital things easily enough
by thinking of them as electronic
an analog watch tells the time with hands that sweep around a dial:
So if the hour hand sweeps across
If you then made the disk spin
while the traveler slowly moves
When there’s no sound, the magnet is not activated, so…

We come across so many analog computers, but we hardly notice them.

There is a new guy at my school and I think he’s cute, funny and sweet, but
what kinds of digital media does he engage with?
You can ask your readers for tips.

You can ask any sort of question you want as long as it fits your brand.

Written content doesn’t exist without authors
you‘ll probably be compelled to yodel it from a social media mountain!

What websites do you frequently access and why?
No comment.
Someone will have to click History > Show top sites

I knew then that the book’s migration to the digital realm would not be
This is Schrödinger’s equation, read as “the Hamiltonian of the wave …”

If you‘ve never played a leadership or management role at work, don’t panic
because your work is automatically protected the moment you write it down.

As you become clear about the meaning
of your story, you can bring
your story to life,
taking us into that moment of change.

You‘ve Got Luddites All Wrong”
You should know your ending before you start writing.
You can also sip a wine named Luddite.

My roundup is a great example.
For more on electronic copies, see the next few situations.

Your eyes may feel fatigued from the glow of the monitor, the strain of
pronouncement that will make you sick with insecurity
that will make you salivate
at the thought of dissecting traffic

We must learn to humanize digital life
as actively as
we’ve digitized human life

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed

need a dream and you need to use it as an ally

We are all accountable to, and for, the things we have written
specifically: software developers.

(I’m also a woman academic and I agree wholeheartedly with your response)

I am well convinced… from your love of liberty, that you will endeavour
in writing a sort of a sequel:
in life, you do not have to know its name to do it well.

I thought we were talking about analogue vs. digital.
But again

what’s with all these binaries?