A Friends with Drinks Refresher

Friends with Drinks, my chief project as DWIR, has been running since the 18th of July and the site is filling up with an amazing, diverse range of images and texts from all over the world. Here are just a few of the submissions I’ve been receiving and posting as editor:

Jaqueline Barmentloo
DJ Huppatz
friends (?) with drinks
Kami McInnes

my name is kami
and i’m an alcoholic
i like to pretend that i’m not
that i have things under control
and sometimes i almost do
sometimes i can just have one
or two
okay maybe three
and stop
some days i can order a soft drink
at the bar and not feel
like a soft cock
and there are nights when my teeth
don’t grind for want
of a drink
and i tell myself i’m alright
i’m no drunk
even though i’m mentally counting
the change in my pocket
to see if i have enough
for just one beer
maybe two
because i like the taste
you understand
it’s the flavour i miss
not the alcohol
those days
i pretend i have control
but on those days and nights
when my thirst burns a hole
in my wallet
when i wake up not knowing
who she is
or where we are
those days where panadol and powerade
make for a balanced breakfast
when the bruises on my arms and legs
can’t be explained
the days where my wife won’t talk to me
when my daughter is afraid of me
those days i can’t pretend
so i don’t
instead i just lie to myself
tell myself it’s all good
it’s okay to let loose
to have a little fun
you deserve it
you’re doing nothing wrong
nothing bad
just letting off some steam
drinking with yr new friends
a man needs to let go occasionally
just a night on the town
or a day out
a weekend lost
Easter missed
a birthday forgotten
but it’s okay
i got you a nice bottle of wine
we can drink it with dinner
i mean hell it was just a few drinks
just a few laughs
what’s yr damn problem with that
its not like i get violent or anything
ok, there are the holes in the walls
but would you rather i had hit you
i mean come on
it was just a few drinks
it ain’t a crime
and i’m not the only one
who’s ever lost his license
it was just bad luck
it was just a few drinks
that’s all
just one
or two

my name is kami
and i am an alcoholic
but don’t worry
i have it all under control



Long Black, Flat White
Thom Sullivan

evenings we piece together : over coffee :
the end-of-evening café : late : before closing : close
to closing : as we spill out onto a street :
where the chairs are stacked : the streetside tables
packed away : a loose critique : a film
we enjoyed : or didn’t : the silt of a long black :
& flat white : crumbs : & rasping teaspoons :
significances between words : that elude definition :
or neatness : things we speak of : that need
to be opened : from time to time :
to change their dressings : to bring them out
into the air & light : knowing they have changed :
subsided : like a lung collapsing : or a heart :
or a filament of thought : that needs unwinding :
our habitual locales : this café, say :
at the end of an evening : of how many evenings :
as we spill out onto the street : still talking :
the suburbs in abeyance : late walkers : passing taxis :
& the whole entanglement : a world
of light & shadow :

Annette Willis
Gab Hummel

the port
Alan Peter Kelly

the smell of sea
and frangipani
my unique river
has a night life
few would believe

a blanket down
with breeze
that tussles hair
like hands
across a scalp

a rod and bait
a cheapish Cabernet
my boom box tuned
to triple j

as nearby
dolphin pod herd
school of fish
for feed and
where water dapples
to reflection
of moon
and universe

Rahul Gudipudi
Andrew Noble

Haven’t sent anything in yet? You are very welcome: submissions to Friends with Drinks will be open until the end of my residency on the 27th August (and who knows? Perhaps beyond). If you’re not sure what the project’s all about, read on…

Merging the everyday rituals of making friends and taking drinks with the digital zeitgeist, Friends with Drinks is a creative collaborative project that aims to share different experiences of drinking and place worldwide.

By way of online communion, Friends with Drinks signifies particular spaces through full and fragmentary texts, images and sounds that together create a map of what we drink, with whom and where—whether it’s morning coffee in Milan, midday chai in Lucknow, an afternoon beer in Prague, an evening martini in New York or a cup of hot milk before bedtime in Accra.

The possibilities for joining minds, locations, words, inspirations, snapshots, actions, sketches, music, clips and destinies are as infinite as the networks that draw us together. Consider what drinking represents about the spaces (analogue and digital) you inhabit and the culture/s you (may/may not) belong to, then submit your photos, artwork, writing, audio or video files to the Friends with Drinks Tumblr or Facebook page.

If you have any suggestions for or comments about Friends with Drinks, I’d love to hear from you!