Hello from the newbie digital writer!

Carla Caruso - author picHi, I’m Carla Caruso, the new Digital Writer in Residence at the SA Writers Centre for the next six weeks!

The idea for my project, Mermadelaide, started as a weird obsession. Peculiar fixations can strike us writers at any time! One day, without warning, I had a sudden interest in mermaids.

I’d never watched The Little Mermaid before or even knew about the ‘mermaid’ pastel hair trend, but I started googling the sea creatures and borrowing books on the subject. I decided to just go with the creative ‘spark’ and hope it’d lead me somewhere. And it did … to this residency. Telling a tale online about a mermaid stuck in the city, through daily posts on Facebook and Instagram.

Once I got the tick of approval from the SA Writers Centre, the hard work really began.

First, I had to find someone to play my oceanic heroine, Luna. Cue aspiring Adelaide model Jade Allen, who works in retail and isn’t yet signed to a modelling agency. (I’m secretly hoping she’ll get her big break being discovered via the story!) Her look was perfect, and after an exchange of messages, she somehow agreed to be part of my crazy project.

Finding a photographer was easy – I’m married to one (hello James Elsby). My illustrator sister (Daniella Caruso), who I wanted to ‘fill in the story gaps’ with drawings, also couldn’t come up with a good enough reason to say no. So both were roped in. Next, I scoured for a makeup artist, and Kimberley Bradshaw from The Blushing Creator, though heavily pregnant, agreed to take on the challenge.

Our first shoot day was organised (no mean feat in ensuring everyone was free) – just when a thunderstorm blasted Adelaide. Taking photos was delayed another week – argh! – but the new shoot day arrived, with clear skies, and we think the results were worth the wait. (Thanks also to the mother-in-law for babysitting our two-year-old twins on the day, an adventure in itself.)

Anyway, who says new Adelaide club Atlantis Lounge is the only place you’ll find mermaids in the city? Follow Luna’s journey here (pretty please): http://bit.ly/250WENP and http://bit.ly/1R9xZwN. Until next time!

mermaid 1

mermaid 2

mermaid 3


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