Memory One – Operation Electric Forever – Part 5.5


See the boy, feet in the dust, sitting half-way in and half-way out of a rusting red car. See him parked on the side of a long and winding highway, a road to the Everywhere that he is chasing.

The engine cools and the wind blows through the open windows. There is a fine layer of orange dust growing on the back seat, a back seat already covered with boxes upon boxes of food, water, tool kits, toiletries… whatever really.

The see the boy flick through the glowing box in his hand. He is looking for clues, memories, stories to guide him. He is looking for support from people that he has hardly talked to in years. He is looking for recognition.

See the boy retreat into memory. As he lifts his gaze and stares into the slowly undulating horizon, see lights flicker on his mind. Delve deep into his thoughts and see the images and memories unfold.


The boy remembers… he remembers a road by the river, under the blood red bridge. It was once his home. The long, flat road was appropriately named, his dad would always joke as they drove along it.

See the boy remember his family. They wait, somewhere off-stage, for his return… or of some word from him.

The boy remembers the good times. He scrolls through his phone to find photographs of a home long forgotten. A field of dreams in which he could play. He remembers paddock-bashing in the family’s beat up Ford, now deceased and rotting somewhere in the dirt. He remembers clouds of dust following the vehicle as it sped along at reckless pace.

“The past is the past.” comes a voice from off-stage. The audience knows, of course, that it is The Desert speaking. “Leave it be. You are a new person now. You can be anything you want to be. You can go anywhere you want to, and yet you are nostalgic?”


See the boy slam shut the door of the vehicle and crank the key. With a bit of gas, the car sputters to life again.

The flash of memory worries him, makes him want to turn back for a brief second…

He pulls into the road again and guns it up to sixty, eighty, one hundred… moving forward.

From the Digital Writer in Residence:

I’d love for you to join Luke and I on the road to the “Electric Forever”! There is now a Facebook group for the sharing of stories, maps, memories and realities, that is open to anyone who’d like to share.

On The Electric Forever we travel without leaving our seats. Members share their favourite Street-Views, maps and stories from around South Australia (and further if you like!) for this SA Writer’s Centre project. You can help decide the path of “the boy” (otherwise known as Luke Bracken) through this page and help build a world of digital tourism for all those who are interested.

Join the group here:

Read how to upload Google Maps here:

Have fun! And never stop exploring!

Operation Electric Forever, was created during the SA Writers Centre Digital Writer in Residence program during 2016.

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