Digital Writers’ Playbook – Part 2

See the boy, crawling forward to the front of the stage. He carries a bundle of shimmering papers. See him stand, open his arms wide and fling them out to the audience. He takes a bow…


In my last non-fiction blog post here I detailed a few of the tips and tricks I use to dig words out of a brain clogged up by a barrage of Netflix and computer code. I talked about sticking to a daily schedule (oh, the hypocrite that I am!) and not letting yourself be overwhelmed by the monolithic library of media we have at our fingertips. Both pretty simple tips, right? Sure, but they’re important ones that warrant repeating.

Of course, these are tips that apply to all forms of writing, everything from essay writing to poetry, so let’s get a bit more specific then, hey? How can we become better and more knowledgeable digital writers? By making the most of our medium, of course! Continue reading “Digital Writers’ Playbook – Part 2”