An Introduction

Welcome to the Electric Forever…

12109921_1084305611587204_5414050233965725058_oIt’s an honour to be your new Digital Writer in Residence for the next six weeks! My name’s James Rudd and you’ve already (hopefully) been welcomed to my electronic work through the first introductory chapter “Cold Open”.

I am a collector, wanderer and wonderer. I have been interested in writing since childhood, the days in which I’d write about dragons fighting the cartoon characters I’d watch on television every Saturday morning.

I’m a massive advocate for digital publishing and for the freedom to experiment that comes to contemporary writers. I have spent most of my work-life online, writing reviews and news for Glam Adelaide, working in communications, sharing stories with local zine makers and writing enthusiasts at the University of Adelaide as well as publishing an ongoing thought and travel blog, Electric Holy Road!

I look forward to creating and presenting this story – of a modern problem among an ancient land – over the six week period. The great thing about using Digital Media is that we can all see the story grow and evolve in strange, unexpected ways. Let’s hope for some “happy accidents”, some fun and maybe some existential horror. I guess we’ll see what happens!

Feel free to hit me up on Twitter (@digitalwir) and keep your eyes peeled for updates and opportunities to get involved with the story.


One thought on “An Introduction

  1. James W.R.R

    Reblogged this on Electric Holy Road and commented:

    This weekend I begin a six-week residency with the South Australia Writers Centre! It would mean the world to me if, as well as following this blog, you check out my new project “Operation Electric Forever”!

    Electric Holy Road may, unfortunately, have to take a bit of a back-seat for this time, but I’m sure there’ll still be wunderbar things to share in the coming weeks!

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