Jack was born in the nighttime…

A Jack Tale from Port Lincoln in the style of Death in a Nut.

by Vanessa Forsyth

Jack was born in the nighttime
in a shack underneath the galahs
he grew up too fast for a childhood
and soon lost the person known as Pa

As years turned in to a decade
he moved house after house with his mum
Jack learned of his illness by accident
shortly after learning to stop sucking his thumb

but before you judge too carefully
the outcome for our dear old Jack
he made a deal with the devil
that might cut him some slack

He started to study in medicine
glean every bit of knowledge he could
so when the time came for his departure
he could at least make it look good

and the day came when he had decided
the pain and hurt needed to go
so he stole down to the dealership
and began pacing to and fro’

he wanted a red one
Ferrari was his preferred
but they had just sold the last one already
all that was left was simply absurd

so he spoke again to the devil
and asked for one more helping hand
and he plunged himself into the river
only to find it was a soft place to land

In hospital Jack soon realised
that the devil had bettered him through and through
and Jack lived on despite himself
and the devil lived on spinning truth


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