How to combat the writer’s block?

As I continue chipping away at the Limerence project this week, I’ve started chatting to other artists – not all of them are writers. Some are game designers, scriptwriters and poets. I’ve always been interested in the tools of creativity.

(‘You’re more creative late at night? Me too!’)

(‘You keep a notebook by your bedside table to draw out your dreams because you think they are fantastic but come morning, you can’t make out what you’ve drawn? Me too!’)

Also, I’ve always been cross disciplinary in my approach, I think creative people all speak a common language, and the best way forward is to adapt techniques from different media.

So today’s vlog is a bit long – it’s an interview with my colleague Hugh Burton, a scriptwriter and editor at the Griffith Film School. He talks about how the different parts of the brain influence creativity and using tools such as mindmaps to overcome writers block.

For anyone interested in the process of creativity, this is one of my favourite websites

Anyone else got any tips for overcoming writers’ block or any favourite creative blogs I should follow?


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