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Stella Young on Twitter writes: Hello! I'm very excited to be a Digital Writer in Residence for the next four weeks. Let's talk writing and writing tips!What are you writing today? Tweets? Articles? Books? Poems? Haiku?

Do you write letters with pen and paper, or do you prefer emails?

Join the conversation with Stella Young on Twitter at @digitalwir.


2 thoughts on “Join the conversation

  1. Thomas Giles

    Hey there, Stella. Looking forward to seeing what you do with us ;P

    I’ll be writing some more short fiction, and maybe a bit more of the novel I’m working on. I attend a writing workshop every week which has been interesting. I’ve been writing for a while, but there are a lot of people there that don’t consider themselves writers. It’s satisfying to hear feedback on my writing, but also to help them see how good they are already, and how they can hone their craft moving forward.

    I write emails (or comments) almost exclusively. Been so long since I’ve written anything substantial with pen and paper that after ten minutes my hand starts to seize up from disuse. I know, #FirstWorldProblems… Luckily I can type at a reasonably fast pace, so I guess that makes up for it to some extent ^^

    Anyway… what are your plans for your term as Digital Writer in Residence? Are the daily writing challenge part of the main idea behind the project, or will each WIR have their own method of teaching? Looking forward to continuing this, either way ;P

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