Writing Challenge 9: Come up with an enticing title #DWC9

The title is the most important one-to-seven words in your book, because it’s what will determine whether anyone reads the next 50,000 or so. Would “We Need To Talk About Kevin” or “The Hunger Games” or “BZRK” have been so successful if they were called “Bad Mother” or “Fight To The Death” or “The Nano-War”?

Today’s challenge is to come up with a title which would make you pick a book up off the shelf. Post it to:

—wattpad.com/story/22288019 —writersinresidence.wordpress.com

(Note that jackheath.tumblr.com and reddit.com/unwrittencast have been removed)

What’s all this about? In short, Jack Heath is the Digital Writer In Residence for Writing Australia. More info at http://youtu.be/MOJc95zbQSg?list=PLy7d7Og0PTj_Ms6lIbNA5y7elNvHJhrsG


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