A writing challenge every day for 6 weeks

I’m the new Digital Writer in Residence for Writing Australia! My mission is to do something online that benefits writers. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

Each day for the next six weeks, I’ll create a new video which explains a writing technique and challenges you to try it. I’ll post each video on:


You can post your attempt in the comments section of your preferred site or social network (yes, the daily challenge can theoretically be squeezed into a tweet!) Other writers, including me, will weigh in with feedback.

After six weeks, thousands of writers around the world will have used the 40+ videos to try new techniques and discover the work of their contemporaries.

My goals are:

—To present writing techniques in a punchy, entertaining and accessible way
—To give writers the opportunity to practice and receive feedback from their peers (including me)
—To create an archive of instructional videos and examples which could be still be accessed for years to come.

Are you in? Say so in the comments. Come on, I dare you.


2 thoughts on “A writing challenge every day for 6 weeks

  1. jvpoore

    I’m in!

    Even in my greatest fantasies, I’ll never be an author, so I’ve made it my goal to support emerging authors, particularly those writing for Middle-Grade & High School Students by writing the best Book Reviews possible.

    My goals for this 6 week project:
    1. Have a blast hanging with the bad-ass Mr. Heath
    2. Write better reviews
    3. Write more efficiently
    4. Meet new bookish friends, for there can never be too many!

    jv poore

    • Digital Resident

      It’s awesome that you’re on board with the project, JV. I’ve very much enjoyed reading your submissions, which always take the challenge somewhere interesting! I hope you get what you’re after out of this. We’re already a quarter of the way through!

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