Last Day

This is my last day as Writing Australia’s Digital Writer in Residence for Tasmania. It’s been a really interesting time, and I’ve been grateful for the opportunity to think practically about the areas I find challenging in the digital space. Thanks heaps to Writing Australia, The SA Writers’ Centre and the Tasmanian Writers’ Centre for hosting me through this time, and for the assistance they have provided throughout.

Reflecting on the last four weeks, I feel the main things that I can take away are a greater willingness to explore relationships and collaborative projects arising online – so long as a spirit of generosity is maintained – and also, a better awareness of the opportunities to use digital forms to make innovative literature. Both of these things have been way more fun than I’d let myself believe.

Opening myself for collaborative works led to a branching poem and a fictional live tweeting event with other writers I’d not worked with before; one of whom I’d not (and still haven’t 🙂 ) met. In addition, the Video Hangout really opened a new door for me in seeing the potential for thoughtful online discussions.

I’m really hopeful that the collaborative relationships established through the Facebook group at the beginning of the residency continue to be similarly valuable for others, especially Tasmanian writers who have few contacts with those off the island.

Have to confess most of my ambiguous feelings about the digital space remain, but I do feel a greater confidence in navigating what can be beneficial and interesting, particularly on social media. I hope that some of this has rubbed off on the thinking of other writers too; certainly, I’m looking forward to focusing my efforts and attention in these areas.

Hope the next resident has as good a time as I did!


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