Live Video Hangouts Reflections – Definite Positives.

I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed the Hangouts live discussion on Tuesday night, particularly given that we only had a few people involved. I’d not really done anything like this before – I’m more a face-to-face, or face-buried-in-couch kind of person.

But perhaps I shouldn’t have been. As we shared ideas, comparing our different writing styles and how these gelled, or otherwise, with the fragmentation of social media, I felt that we were exemplifying the possibilities of the billed topic of discussion – an absorbing, thoughtful hour that was entirely facilitated by digital technology.

I think there’s tremendous room for building these kinds of events, which can promote interaction between writers of different backgrounds who might otherwise be stuck in the regions. Certainly I’ll be keeping an eye out to find other opportunities to get involved, and I’m thinking hard about how I could use it to run other stuff myself.

Any thoughts out there on getting more people involved? This seems a barrier – the hassle of actually having to commit to a chat at a given period of time. Perhaps it would be better to target a few people who you’d like to talk to; then whoever else joins in is a bonus?

Thanks to Mez and Rachel (and briefly, Mike) for a stimulating chat.


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