An Unsophisticated Experiment

On Tuesday night we’re hosting a Hangouts discussion:

Tuesday 12th August, 8-9pm – Absorption vs Diversion

It often seems there two completely different mindsets required for in-depth reading/writing, and being active in the digital space; I feel scatty when I sit down to write dense fiction after I’ve been flitting about for an hour. Join a live discussion on this phenomenon – do you feel it yourselves, and if so, how do you mange the challenges? Can the two mindsets be brought together or coexist?

Hope you can all join in – you can register over at to be emailed a link for the video discussion when we have one, or feel free to follow along and engage on Twitter – we’ll be using the hashtag #scattydwir.

In the meantime, I’m wondering if anyone would like to participate in an unsophisticated experiment? I’m looking for a few people who are willing to read a relatively long piece online, in isolation from any other digital activity. Say a two hour gap beforehand, and another two hours afterwards? I’m wondering about your mindset as you read it, and how this flows into the time that follows; whether you notice any differences from regular digital reading, or reading hard copy on paper.

You’re welcome to read whatever you like, but if you need some help:

a) non-fiction – Malcom Knox’s Monthly piece on the dominance of Coles and Woolworths is pretty excellent.
b) fiction – indie bookshop Imprints suggest The Yellow Wallpaper. This is the one I’ll be reading.


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