Live in Real Time

It’s my last day as Digital Writer in Residence, and this evening I’ll be looking back over what I’ve been working on in this Hangout on Air which you can watch via YouTube:

Please check into the Hangout if you want to ask questions in the chat, or you can interact on Twitter via the #DWIR hashtag.

Today I wrote a series of tweets which emerged as an essay about time and social media and writing and nostalgia and climate change. I Storified it here:


Tonight I’ll talk more about using the combination of Storify and Twitter as an essay form. It has many of the elements of live performance, which is interesting in itself (and exhausting if you do it for 100 minutes). Like live performance, people can jump in and interact. Unlike live performance, there’s the possibility of refining structure and annotating the text afterwards.


In some ways Storify and the live-tweeted essay have emerged as the dominant form for this residency, despite all the other experiments I’ve made with fictional forms. I’ll be discussing how that has happened tonight.

I’m also going to talk about the fiction I’ve written over the past month here, including the quiz – easily my most popular post – and Overheard, told entirely in curated retweets. I will begin by reading from some of this work live. In real time. Whatever that means.

That’s 6pm Adelaide time – do tune in.

I’ll write another post about this residency when I have had some time to reflect and digest. This has been such a fantastic opportunity for me to stretch myself as a writer and share some of my ideas and processes, so many thanks to SA Writers Centre and the Australia Council for making it happen. I’m so looking forward to following the next resident!


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